cockatiel Urgent,What if a teeny tiny smidge of fat free milk gets accidentally mixed in with a Baby Cockatiels formula?

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Question by Debbie: Urgent,What if a teeny tiny smidge of fat free milk gets accidentally mixed in with a Baby Cockatiels formula?
4 days old babies, only maybe half a dropper full of combo water/fat free skim milk&the formula powder, yes, I know that baby Tiels are not supposed to get the fat free skim milk, that’s why I’m asking this question, what happened was I had premixed some formula mixture that I was feeding the babies and I sent a friend in the kitchen to get a smidge of some water just to re-loosen up the thickening formula in the little container that I use to suck it out of with the dropper, anyways, I told the friend to use the green pitcher but to just add a smidge to loosen it up, well there was a green pitcher of fat free skim milk in the frig next to a tiel green pitcher of the boiled water, so I take blame in that as I guess I should have remembered that my fat free milk was in there as well, Thank God it was Fat Free, I’m hoping this is a positive thing, assuming it’s the enzymes in the fattier milk that would be the hazardousest part of the milk, please say that’s a fact, can anyone relieve our minds so that we KNOW for sure that this smidge mixed in with already prepared with boiled water formula will be not hazardous to the babies, we’re worried sick, Mom&Dad had abandoned the babies, so I took on the hand rearing of them, having done it with their first brood, except started it when they were much older at 5 weeks old, so I took on taking over where Mom&Dad really never took off to start with, I can’t believe they did that, they were such doting parents on their other 2 broods, but anyways as I ususally do, I get off track of the original subject, just wanted to have the whole story out there, please someone help relieve our minds and say we have nothing to worry about, which I feel will be the case being as it was such a tiny amount, yes I know so are the babies, that’s why I’m checking and hoping with someone out there who might know, please urgently need someone to answer and Thanks Soooo Much in Advance!

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Answer by Laura
you didn’t say if you already fed it to them or not…. if not, don’t do it… if you already did… there’s not much you can do about it now… I don’t really think fat free milk would hurt them… but then again I never fed my chicks milk… if you did feed it to them how long ago did you feed them?

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3 Responses to “Urgent,What if a teeny tiny smidge of fat free milk gets accidentally mixed in with a Baby Cockatiels formula?”

  1. Oni on

    First- for the future, please space out your question in paragraphs. Walls of text are really hard to read. I read the same line three times. O_O

    If your cockatiel baby has already consumed this formula, then all you can do is monitor the baby. Baby birds have a relatively quick metabolism, so you’re likely to see a response (if any) to the milk very soon.

    It’s the lactose in dairy products that parrots can’t really handle in large amounts. A small amount generally doesn’t hurt them, but it’s definitely not something they should have often.

    If at any time your baby ‘tiel has diarrhea, starts vomiting, or becomes lethargic then he needs to see an avian vet ASAP. However, if he goes through this and into the next feeding without trouble, then I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

    Just remember that you must never reuse or save formula. It spoils in the matter of hours no matter what conditions you keep it under. Just make sure it doesn’t happen again, and you should be fine.

  2. Elizabeth on

    I wouldn’t worry about it to much. A little milk isn’t going to hurt the baby. Long as the baby doesn’t have any change in droppings, or is vomiting, then, he’ll be Okay. Large quanities of milk doesn’t quite settle with their little tummies. However, if the quanity is as you said, then he’ll be fine.

  3. brucemoko on

    That much probably won’t hurt them. A little bit won’t hurt them, but much of it gives them diarrhea.

    Fat-free is actually a bit worse for them than regular milk, though. The problem parrots have with milk is that they are lactose intolerant – they can’t digest lactose. The lactose is found in the water portion of the milk, not the fat portion. Cream or butter have almost no lactose. When you remove them to make skim milk, you leave all the lactose behind, which slightly increases the concentration of lactose.

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