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I was found hanging out near the flock of wild conures. Mickaboo has taken me in and is getting me vet care. I eat pellets and fruit, and love toys. I’m not a screamer. So, will you give me a forever home? Mar. 28, 2008 I’m just like a teenage boy Sun Conure. I flew away from my home, and when I was out in the wild, I could not find my way home. Thanks to you, Mickaboo, for taking me in and having the doctor check my health. I lost 2 of tail feathers, but doctor said they will grow back. I took my meds and had a recheck. Now, I’m a beautiful and healthy Sun Conure again. I am a very good guy and a great eater. I don’t scream or bite much at all. I’m also chatty and I like to talk into the dish, to make a louder sound. Some times I make human voice, sound like words, and my foster mom said she never can understand what I said. I love to make friends with other sun conures. I love to beg their attention. I am happy to sit on my cage all day and hang up side down. I love the long toys to play, I’m very distributed. I always need a fresh, safe toys supply. I love bathing, more water the better, then show my sexy body, and flap wings burn off my a little energy. I like to sit on you shoulder be scratched, and sit around your neck to keep me warm. I’m a charming little fellow; I can make your day. Seuss has been happily adopted. Nov. 09, 2008
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25 Responses to “Seuss Sun Conure”

  1. arthurdustinhagins on

    Did someone take him in yet?

  2. captainkegelt on

    I love sun conures. They are such little clowns!

  3. Botheparrot on

    That’s pretty much my story. I wasn’t found, I found a human and hung out until they invited me inside. They found me as good home.

  4. petsareme on

    It seems to me Seuss has the perfect forever home! What a gentle soul! Thank you for rescuing him and giving him so much love.

  5. HAANAH12979 on

    birds are such good friends. i had one named bo he was so smart he could unlock his cage and get out and fly on my sohulder.. but i guess one day he gave out and he died right on my shoulder.

    That was the worst day of my life,

    it sucks to loose a best friend.

  6. akerr1995 on

    my beloved senega was lost after hurricane ike…i adopted a great 18-19 year old sun conure. what an addition to my home. she can’t replace the lost but she is wonderfull… to be honest quiet and loving. people that dont own parrots dont understand them. akerr

  7. verticalsmurf on

    Yup, he is special. My Sun is adopted, I think he has been through too many homes and as a consequence, is insecure and skittish. I’d love to see him hang upside down from the top of his cage playing, and just mucking around.

  8. wormhog on

    My green-cheeked conure enjoyed this video and says hello.

  9. jmigs8 on

    aww how cute! my sun conure hangs upside down too!

  10. eastsideboys516 on

    thats awesome how does he stay upside down??

  11. carolford51 on

    Seuss seems like a great little bird. I’m waiting for a home visit from Mickaboo to be approved to adopt. I am hoping to meet and adopt Seuss. Thanks for the video.

  12. paddlefoot07 on

    seuss is good looking bird i ve got two sun conures petee and chewy they love your vid great job!!!

  13. witefire31 on

    are u selling him?
    message me about him
    i own 3 parakeets and a cockatiel
    i would really like a conure, especailly a cute sun conure.

  14. freebibiamy on

    Nice conure Nice music… what’s the name for this background music ??

    I have a sun conure named bobby … alway song with me when weather report music starting ….

  15. katieslider on

    Isn’t he a very lovely Suns, and smart. We’re guessing he is around 5-6 years old. If you like to watch these videos. This video will be on our Mickaboo’s DVD, and publishing next week for fundraising.

  16. joycemmaa on

    How old was ya Conure? I watched it all with mine.

  17. katieslider on

    Still looking a good home for him.

  18. Whathedunk129 on

    I’m in Fla. Have you found a home for the Sun yet?

  19. shantee4 on

    I would love to have another sun conure

  20. Firecobra69 on

    Aww such a sweetheart. I would love to adopt a sun conure or a cockatiel. But I can’t find a rescue anywhere near me.
    What a beautiful baby!

  21. NintendoBmaN on

    I have a sun conure named Elliot and hes one of my best friends.

  22. 1stOf4 on

    Yes I would and I sent you a message. 🙂

  23. katieslider on

    Would you interest take him?

  24. 1stOf4 on

    Did he get adopted?

  25. 3ponymous on

    What a sweetie. I’d love to adopt him, but I’m all the way on the other side of the country 🙁

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