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My little buddy buzzard decided to visit with me while at the computer,( yes i named a cockatiel buzzard ) so i roll the camera, and along comes squirt curio…

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17 Responses to “Cute Cockatiel Moment :)”

  1. SammySydMy13 on

    well. your a great? owner any happiness to you all!!!!

  2. urgthrash on

    Ive had Buzzard since 2008 , she was already? an adult tiel when i got her. So its anyone’s guess to her true age. Her previous owner didn’t like her because she was ” Mean as Hell ” and bit her every time she tried to touch the bird. Bird has never bitten me. ( shruggs )

  3. urgthrash on

    Hehe personally i think? 7 ppl are pissed because the cockatiels didn’t explode 🙂

  4. Chloe Rytherr on

    7 People Are Green? (Jealous Because They Don’t Have Cockatiels)

  5. SammySydMy13 on

    My cockatiel sometimes acts? like the one on the left lol he can be snippy

  6. SammySydMy13 on

    OMG super cute!!!! im in love! i have a peid cockatiel? and he enjoys a good scratch too. I love how your birds are SO FLUFFY!!! IM GONNA DIE!!!. btw how old are they?

  7. Joshua Garcia on

    my cockatiel does the same thing he loves a good scratch :)?

  8. urgthrash on

    All my birds are female( was hoping for a male , but out of 4 i got 4 girls….
    Yes cockatiels are VERY social creatures. I had to get buzzard a cage mate because she was getting to lonesome when? i left for work.Bird would actually escape her cage and come land on my shoulder as i was getting ready to leave the house. If your bird is starting to act all loopy i would strongly suggest getting her another cage mate. If birds get to lonesome they start plucking feathers and get health issues. G/L

  9. GirlGoneGames on

    The left one is the same as my baby girl. Is yours a girl? I don’t know weather it’s just the girls or its the boys too because I want to get her a mate and a friend. My brother did have one but he passed away and they were best friends and now my? baby has gone all funny and weird.

  10. David Brodman on

    Their just like my cockatiels. Such? sweet birds

  11. urgthrash on

    Have you tried the “Cracker Bribery” mentioned in comments below?? If not , try it! It will not produce results overnight, but it starts the process 🙂 Good luck with your little feathered friend !

  12. Samer Alswilah on

    My? cockatiel would kill me if I even put my finger “NEAR” her beak.

  13. Silverserri on

    Mmmm? Scritches! Happy foofles! 😉

  14. UnderScorePT on

    “Gotta? love squirt”….

  15. MrAdrian7X on


  16. urgthrash on

    its a precise ratio of fluffy to feathers that equals the cuteness factor lvl 10 🙂 or simply? 42 🙂

  17. Maulin Agrawal on

    why are they so cute?

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