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Cockatiel Cage Setup

This is my cage setup for two cockatiels. I’m poor and innovative, so I mostly make toys for them and they love them. As you can see the one with the car key…

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17 Responses to “Cockatiel Cage Setup”

  1. XxDeathoxX on

    Um, did u read the comments she wrote? She got better toys, feeds them? different foods only sometimes, and that makes her overall a good bird owner. She also trained them like in the video how it was sitting on her shoulder. So I would really shut up and go die in a hole if I were you.

  2. Michelle Dickinson on

    how much bigger? should the cage be

  3. Kylie stark on

    My names? kylie

  4. mariagalvez044 on

    Your toys are cool how much toys should I buy for my cockatiel cage?

  5. trustn01rs on

    And spiderman even though? there (her) birds they are living beings. They need to be treated with care. Not have a idiot keeping them wrongly

  6. trustn01rs on

    You shouldnt admire that almost all the toys can kill the bird if your to poor to? get better toys or materials and cage don’t get a bird

  7. Francisco rivera on

    I admire you for being soooooo constructive? with your cage I would have never thought of this stuff by the way you should make more vids 😀

  8. stkilda2 on

    Super great vid. The only thing I noticed is that? strawberries are in your birds diet? I would not recommend feeding them strawberries as they can be poisonous for your bird. Great vid 😀

  9. Diana Gilbert on


  10. Kathy Akin on

    You are doing ? ok

  11. lollyandtom on

    its awesome just the perch should be round. otherwise its an awesome creative? cage! 🙂

  12. Makenna Boryczewski on

    Your birds are adorable!! I’m getting a grey cockatiel great video!!?

  13. TheSpidermanswag on

    Yo everybody gota hope of that shit telling her about her setup and shit damn its her cage and her? birds her stuff yall gata hop off that negative commenting shit ITS HER birds not yours shes not treating them badly shes beeing creative i give props for that they look like there in good conditions so damn stop with all this negative bullshit!!

  14. Jane Parker on

    Some of the things in your cage are really bad for birds…….For example toliet paper rolls have glue that can kill your bird……….Silly bands are also deadly. Please think before you put random things in a birds cage, beacuse they are sensitive animals.?

  15. twilightpony223 on

    Cockatiels mostly hiss out of fear. Mine? have never hissed at me, but rather my dogs or my cat.

  16. twilightpony223 on

    I realized that a week after making this, so I had my dad sand them down to? circles.

  17. Chocolatemad00 on

    Square? perches!! Really?

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