cockatiel Adopted: Cockatiel Bird and Green Cheek Conure Parrot Skippy & Whisker BAD Little Birds

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PLEASE READ: Luis, the girls and I gave these guys a new forever home! Their original mum passed on and these boys (assuming their boys) were left with the t…
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14 Responses to “Adopted: Cockatiel Bird and Green Cheek Conure Parrot Skippy & Whisker BAD Little Birds”

  1. SuperGliderman on

    Came across your vids liked them so much got my self a secondhand fisher 1225x just to see how things go…… Lots of squashed tins and bottle tops and am totally knackerd from digging,!!! Hope I at least find a coin soon but am enjoying myself and love your vids please keep them coming?

  2. taila vanessa on

    Talkative african grey parrot for adoption. due to our relocation and expectancy of a? new born baby, we have decided to look for a pet loving family to adopt and love our parrot. she is 2years old a combination of brains and beauty. she is a great talkative and can produce up to 50basic English words and sing songs in English like jingle bells and happy birthday. contact us if you are able to give her a loving home. kindly contact us at –

  3. Rayyan Khan on

    It’s not a green? cheek conure it’s a jenday conure

  4. hulibird on

    Thanks for taking them in. I know how hard it is to take in a bird who has been neglected? and trying to do the right things for them. Your video is almost a year old so I hope you’ve made some progress with them and they are happy birdies now 🙂

  5. Julia DeCaro on

    That’s not a? green cheek conure.

  6. Kathy Akin on

    both birds appear to be living in too small cages? with no toys.

  7. MiamiPush2theLimit on

    God bless you for giving these sweeties? a new home.

  8. ASHMAN1314 on

    can you make another one?

  9. Loveofpets on

    Hi, that is not a green cheek, looks like a dusky conure, the cockatiel is a male,? the birds should have some toys to shred and foraging toys and different size and textures of perches, the conure would be happier in a bigger cage. Come and see my videos and my cage set up and my bird room, subscribe to me, I always post new videos, good luck with your birds they are beautiful.

  10. matchbox3232 on

    I have that cage that skippy is in? cute birds

  11. ash ketchum on

    or dusky conure?

  12. MsCellaneousone on

    This looks like a Brown throated? conure

  13. mimigirl9000 on

    Check out bird cage by mimigirl9000?

  14. mimigirl9000 on

    To start they? need a vet and more perches and toys to be occupied plucking can be caused by bore,m

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Review: My bird loves it - he perks right up! Hes singing more now as well - he's a 20 year old cockateil and it has spiced up his life! - Joan